Charts - Wednesday 28th January

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I was working all day yesterday so I didn't take any trades. There happened to be plenty of opportunities but such is the way of things. I was was working this evening so had the morning and afternoon to trade. After all the nice movement yesterday, it was a bit difficult at times today as EU was in a sideways range. I eventually got a nice trade in the evening and covered nearly all the loss from Monday, so i'm happy with that.

EURUSD 15min / 3min
The high volume 15min bar at the high yesterday was my key zone for the day. Price was bouncing around between this zone and the lower orange zone, which I should've marked but is obvious enough. Eventually, the P&F excel chart showed the way as seen below.

EU 3min 1x3
You can see how price was ranging sideways, from down trend to up trend, to down, to up and finally in the third down trend a nice signal printed in the upper half of the trend. All the stars aligned and after a little messing about it fell hard. I let it run longer than usual and closed it out as it approached and was appearing to bounce on the bearish support line. Pretty much right at the bottom. Not too often I can say i've managed to do that!

Happy with that trade as it took a great deal of patience and adhering to my strategy religiously to get the right trade. Now to continue doing it!





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