Thursday 16th December

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If I didn't have it already, it's certainly a trait I will soon become acquainted with. Patience. Waiting for something to happen this week has paid dividends. 

Took one trade today, a buy on Eddie for 37 pips. The u-high volume down bar came in between 3 and 4pm today. A no supply bar formed between 5 and 5:20 on the 20min chart and I set my order. It was triggered pretty quickly and took me in to the trade. I was pretty confident in this trade as the high volume down bar dipped down into an area of previous support, the high volume indicated there was still buying around this area.

Screen shots below. 

Trade 1 - EUR/USD (Eddie)  Buy @ 1.3209 - Closed @ 1.3246 = +37


Eddie 1hr


Eddie 20min

Eddie support line 8th - 16th December



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  1. Classic, high probability trade - well done Liam