Thursday 23rd December

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Today rounds off my most successful week trading since I started in the middle of September. I took my first trade on Yennie since starting and made 3% with a 22pip target. This weeks gain is 7.1%

Trade 2 - USD/JPY (Yennie)  Buy @ 82.99 - Closed @ 83.21 = +22

Yennie 1hr

Yennie 20min

So that's that. I'm taking tomorrow off as well as the week before New Year's Eve.

I've been updating graphs for the last few weeks which I have now finalised, these can be found here.

I'm glad to say it's looking more and more like pacman all the time!
41 trades from the 14th September to the 23rd December; 29 wins, 10 losses and 2 break even trades. This translates to a 70.7% win amount.

Starting with a €4,000 account these trades would have brought the account up to €6,079.98 which is just over a 50% return.

Now to do it all again, whilst putting money down!

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