Thursday 2nd December

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17:33 - I was working this morning from 10:30 to 5 and the internet wasn't working all day so unfortunately I wasn't able to look at the charts. Looks as though I may have missed a short opportunity on Cable that fits my strategy and there seems to be quite a bit of volume around. Haven't had a proper look yet though.

19:00 - Trade 4 - USD/CHF (Swissy) Buy @ 0.9923 - Closed @ 0.9925 = +2

Friday 13:44 - I opened this trade around 7pm last night with an u-high volume down bar on the hourly chart. There was a no supply on the 20min so i set my order. I left it to run over night and it got to +27 at the most. I woke up in the morning to see it had dropped off a bit, after watching it flutter around my entry price I eventually closed it because of an upcoming US NFP announcement. The announcement just sent it straight through where my stop was. I'll post pictures at the market close.

  Swissy 1hr 

Swissy 20min





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