Charts - Thursday 8th January

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Today was a much better day than the last three. One win and one loss, coming out with a slight profit for the day. As always, there's room for improvement. Both trades were sells on EU.

EURUSD Short 1
1. FOMC high volume bar from yesterday. I took the sell on the P&F chart as it approached the low of the green zone.

2. It missed the target by 0.1 of a pip so I moved the trade to BE+2.

3. Fortunately didn't get stopped.

4. This column pushed down and hit the target before going further.

EURUSD Short 2
1. Highest volume of the day up to that point. Took a sell at the break of the low. I didn't see it as strength. My stop was above the 50% of the zone.

2. Getting close to being stopped.

3. Pushed down, but didn't even reach 1:1 so I let the trade run.

4. Unfortunately turned and pushed up to stop me out. Point three was the low of the day.



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