Charts - Thursday 29th January

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Two more trades today, one win and one break even.

EURUSD 15min / 3min
EURUSD 3min Excel

1. High volume zone and starting point for today's potential set ups.

The entry signal is shown on both P&F charts, it's above the MA, in line with the trend and had decent upside potential.

EURUSD 15min / 3min 
EURUSD 3min Excel

1. High volume zone from US news at 13:30, high volume bar closing in the upper half.

I was looking at getting an entry around the high of this zone but it didn't happen. Price pushed up to the orange 50% and after the pole touched the MA and produced a long signal I took this entry. It flicked around a lot, producing another upthrust and then a test before finally pushing upwards. This trade unfortunately closed at break even as there was an upthrust into the green zone (on the below chart). At this point the trade was in profit and I should've really closed out and taken the money. I think i'll add a further small caveat to my trading plan. Something along the lines of "little and often!" and "watch key volume zones above and below price."

EURUSD 15min

Two green zones annotated on the chart.



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