Charts - Tuesday 20th January

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I work the morning shift on Tuesdays but this didn't stop me taking three trades today. One loss, one win and another trade still running. As usual, i'm writing this the day after. I'll try and get them update a bit quicker, I promise!

EU Sells
1. This was my high volume zone and the area I was working from.

You can see the two sells I took on the right hand chart. The first trade was stopped but the second trade came good, covered the loss and I still managed to hit my daily % target.

Just before the second trade hit the target I was taken into a longer term trade based on the 30min 5x2 PnF chart. It has pretty much gone sideways since this point and i'm currently down about 4 pips. My stop is 55 pips so we'll see how it plays out over the course of today (Wednesday).

EU 30min 5x2



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