Charts - Tuesday 13th January

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I mentioned that I may not take any trades today as I would be working, as it turns out, I ended up taking two. One that hit profit and the other that closed for BE+2.

The first trade of the day came before I even left to go to work, this was the one that hit profit. There was a nice early trend established which lasted until around 2:30 at which stage, the majority of the trading day was gone, at least for me.

EURUSD Short 1
The same zones as the previous day, black for NFP, orange for FOMC.

In keeping with the trend on my new excel sheets I traded a rejection of the high of the NFP zone which happened to break the low of the FOMC at the same time. Nice trade that I closed out once some support came in at the 50% of NFP.

Trade 2 was later in the day, once I was at work

EURUSD Short 2

1 - This was probably the better entry as price had rejected the low of the FOMC zone
2 - Price rejected the 50% of the NFP zone
3 - I took this entry.
4 - I moved to BE+1.5 at this point, I wasn't aiming for as much on this trade but the target hadn't quite been hit
5 - A quick retest of the 50% zone which unfortunately stopped me at BE+1.5
6 - Another opportunity to enter short but I decided that I'd finish for the day.

EU 1x3 Trend
This last chart shows my two entries at 1 & 2. I wanted to highlight where and why I closed the first trade.





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