Tuesday 12th June

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Following on from Monday's post, I tried a further short on Cable PNF, this one didn't go so well and got stopped for -70pips / -1.58%


In the evening I entered a short trade on Oil, this time based on the volume zones and this one also got stopped out. -2%. The first marked volume zone had selling in it, when we returned to this zone it looked like further selling to me and I entered on that no demand bar into the 50%. Looks like the NFP zone held it up. As we had already broken this area I didn't think it would act as too strong a support. I guess I was wrong!

Oil 15min

So overall it was a pretty crap day and my account isn't looking too healthy. To add insult to injury there was also a nice set up on EU. I think I should just stick with that for now. I'm pretty much getting one opportunity a day with it. So I should put my efforts in to taking that trade and stop fiddling around with Oil.

EUR/USD 5min



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