Friday 1st June

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NFP day today, the morning started off pretty sluggish, but once the NFP data came out, it was one of the most volatile i've seen in some time. It was produced a really high volume 15min bar, shown below;

EUR/USD 15min

We bounced around a little and eventually pushed up and out of this zone. The 5min chart printed a lovely test into the high of the zone. I saw the test, noted it, wanted to trade it but had absolutely no idea where to put my stop, so didn't go with it. The low of the test (around 15 pips) was a little close for my liking, especially with the market conditions. The low of the zone was way too far away and i'd need a big move to hit 1:1 (it turns out this would've actually been fine, but isn't hindsight wonderful). Below the 50% felt a bit like it was in no man's land, but this would've probably been the best place to put it. A friend in the VSA forum i'm in pointed out that below the test was perfect as well, it was either a test in a rising market or it wasn't, keep the stop tight and we'd find out pretty quickly! 

 EUR/USD 5min

After missing out on this I turned my attentions to Oil. Which is when some more Sierra problems kicked in and my charts ended up freezing on a refresh. Oil had a nice 15min short set up. All the annotations are on the chart.

Oil 15min

Hopefully the Sierra problems are over with now and they've assured us they're making some changes and updating servers over the weekend. We'll see next week if the problems remain or not. Monday and Tuesday are bank holidays in the UK, so it's going to be a slow start to the week. I generally don't trade bank holidays so probably won't be posting much for those few days.

I'll post the May results either later today or tomorrow.

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