Thursday 28th June

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I didn't have a lot to comment on for Wednesday so I didn't write a post about that. I was at work again yesterday morning but I took a short trade on EU. It pretty much went sideways for the day and I decided to close out for a 1 pip profit in the evening around 7pm. Just as well I didn't leave it to run over night as we can all see what happened to EU there!

EUR/USD 15min

I have two zones marked on this 15min chart. The first zone is high volume on a down bar which is potential strength, for me this strength wasn't really proven at the time as we struggled to break above the 50% on a couple of attempts. When we finally broke through on the bar that gave me my second zone I thought this was either pushing through or real supply. When the next three bars closed down I took this second zone as weakness. We had a three bar retrace on lowering volume so I set my order on the low of the ND and was taken in on the next bar. I then got pulled sideways for ages before I'd had enough and just decided to close it. I wasn't too keen on leaving it run over night and i'm glad I didn't!



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