Thursday 30th May

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So I went on a bit of a rant yesterday. I'm a calm and collected trader I promise! Sierra have been back in touch and it looks as though everything is remedied. Something we'll have to keep an eye on though.

Anywho, on to yesterday's charts. At one stage I had a long order set on EU, i'm very glad it didn't trigger! Once it hadn't triggered I lost a bit of concentration as a short opportunity followed swiftly afterwards which I didn't spot until after the fact. Two charts below, 5 and 15mins. 

EUR/USD 15min

The test shows where I tried to take a long position. Thankfully it didn't trigger within two intervals and I wasn't taken into the trade. My thinking was some strength came in on that marked bar. There was a little, otherwise the next bar wouldn't have been up. It just wasn't very long lived.

I was just about to take a 5min screenshot of the short set up that came soon after. But with all the changes in volume reads from Sierra, it's not telling the same story as yesterday. There was a little ND into the 50% of the above 15min zone at 14:40 BST. But it's not ND any more and has quite a bit of volume.

Erm, that brings an abrupt end to this blog post!

Catch you all tomorrow with an update for today's action.





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