Friday 29th June

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Tried a sell on EUR/USD yesterday and ended the week and therefore the month on a low note. With the up move that happened over night (probably due to murmurings from certain EU meetings) there was some massive volume already on the chart when I got up. I put a fib on the highest volume 15min bar as always and waited to see what price did. On the 5min chart we pushed down below the 50% and came back on a No Demand bar which served as my entry. I thought I had got my self a nice entry to at least ride back down to the low of the zone. I got taken in within 2 bars as per my strategy and after that not a whole lot more went my way. Once we were above the 50% and testing / bouncing along the top of it this should have served as a warning that it wasn't going to go my way. Either way, I got stopped as it pushed up to make new highs.

EUR/USD 5min



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