Friday 8th June

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I'm only getting around to posting about Friday today - Sunday. I thought it better to take a day or so to think about it instead of going head long in to it. On Friday, for pretty much the first time I had a real feeling of "fuck this."

If you hadn't already guessed, I had another loss on Friday. Making that -4% for the week and undoing the last three weeks of reasonably good work. Looking at it now, it's really not a great place to take a trade and completely contradicts a point I had made to someone earlier in the day. I really have to be more aware of what i'm doing. We broke through the NFP zone a couple of times at the start of the day and I had two attempts at shorting from a 5min bar and then a 15min bar; shown below. 

EUR/USD 5min

EUR/USD 15min

Perhaps after two attempts at shorting hadn't worked I should've taken the hint and stopped looking for shorts. I really am quite annoyed with myself for this trade. It's suicidal. The worst part was I was aware of the area we were at before and during the trade but still went with it. Sheer dumb ignorance? Forcing a trade? Trying to balance the books based on Wednesday's loss?

My entry was based on an hourly chart, ND into 50% of the mornings high volume area. Not actually a bad set up if it was in the right place but this wasn't and I failed to take heed.


Ok i'm done with the self deprecating, time to move on, get over it, learn from it and most importantly, go into Monday with a clear head.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend,





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