Thursday 7th June

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Not a great deal to report from yesterday to be honest. The day presented me with a couple of 15min zones to work with but nothing really lined up for me. I think the best set up appeared on a 5min zone - which I haven't been using a lot of lately. It was a set up but given the up move we'd had, I wasn't confident shorting the high, it was also right before a news announcement so that kept me out.

EUR/USD 5min

It's a little awkward to make sense of as we get a small up move after the high volume then a widespread down below the low of the pink fib. We then print our ND. Like I said, it just wasn't the right time for me. But there ya go. The news bar would have been scary too, as it spiked towards the high where my stop would have been. 

Not a lot happening this morning (Friday). It'd be nice to get a trade in to day and make back the loss from Wednesday if possible. I'll sit and wait for the right opportunity as always!





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