Tuesday 4th December

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It only really dawned on me how fast this year has gone once I wrote the title for this post.

Anywho, added a bit of colour to my point and figure targets with some more projected targets. The latest at 1.3190. It would be remiss of me not to point out that these are potential targets and not to be taken as scripture.

But then again, you all knew that anyway.

Check out the chart below:


There was also a nice little short set up on EUR this morning that i've posted on various forums and I'm going to post here as well.

 EUR/USD 5 and 15min

15min chart on the right, 5min chart on the left. On the 15min chart we get a nice high volume bar into a previous top that was formed during Asia (also on out of the ordinary volume for the time of day.) We get a push down over the next two bars and within this there is a nice little ND on the 5min chart into the 50% of the zone.

If this is a little too risky we also print a ND on the lowest volume in 20 bars into the low of the zone. This comes after two reversals and rejections of the zone low. Nice little set up I thought.





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