1.3190 Target Finally Hit

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Monday was dead.

Tuesday (yesterday) I took most of the day off as it was my sisters birthday, we went for lunch and did our Christmas shopping as well. Less than a week to go!

We finally hit that 1.3190 target that the PnF charts indicated on the 21st November. So it took just under a month for that one to materialise. We have since pushed through this and added another 100 pips to the target. I had a good week last week but I can't help thinking that I should have perhaps held the position over the weekend. Nevermind! USD/CHF is still falling as well. Another one that I perhaps should've held. Although closing out where I did was a good idea.

Seeing as there are no other targets in play i've taken what seems to be an optimistic target of 1.3490 from the wide column of Xs that formed between the 10th and 13th Dec.


Apart from that, i've taken it fairly easy this week, I can't imagine i'll be taking any more trades before the new year so it's time to get some PnF / volume study in over the Christmas break. I'm looking forward to the year ahead.



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