Reached My Target and New Found Programming Skills!

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The triple top breakout occurred as I said it might and I got take into the trade over night. By the time I got up I was down about 40 pips or so but my stop was still a good bit away. It took all day to play out but we eventually broke through that stubborn resistance at the daily highs.

It was just shy of the project 3190 target, but i'm sure this will be hit next week some time.


I'm happy to report that after this trade i've reached the target I set for myself with a week to spare. I'm not sure how active I will be next week with work getting a little busier and having to get some Christmas shopping done. Reaching the target is a feel good factor before the new year and sets up a nice platform from which to start from next year.

Another good bit of news to report as well, I spent the better part of two and half hours with a friend last night looking at C++ code for the custom PnF study I have. I've been looking to add volume to the chart, the volume reads that you can see on the chart above aren't correct. There were a few missing pieces of code from when I got the study made by another programmer. Seeing as he's unavailable until February next year I decided to give it a go myself. I'm delighted to say we managed to get it working. I'm looking forward to combining the two, I think it'll be really powerful and will give me a lot to study over Christmas.

EUR/USD 1hr PnF + Volume!

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