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In the last post I mentioned another potential buy at 3030 that would form a triple top breakout formation. This happened over night on Sunday so I didn't get in on the trade. I probably should've set an order once the market reopened. But that's Mr. Hindsight talking again.

Anywho, it went long and we finally hit the second target of 3060 that I first mentioned last Wednesday. It pushed to 3070 printed a three box reversal and has since peaked at the 3080 box this morning.


Around this time last year I was trialling many programs to see which offered the best point and figure indicator. I've spoken at length about this problem before and I eventually went with Sierra Charts. I'm happy with Sierra since I paid for a programmer to create a PnF study that was actually correct. One of the other programs I tested was a software package called Trade Interceptor, generally speaking it seemed a nice and easy to use program but the PnF was a mess. I recently found out that some changes were made so I tried it again yesterday. There are still some errors but they're getting closer.

The reason i'm telling you this? Well, I spoke with the support team on Skype to explain the problems and, unlike Sierra, they were more than willing to listen to what I had to say and have now added it to the list for future fixes. I'm hopefully going to be in contact with them in the mean time before they release the final version. I could potentially even change to using their software full time if they implement some further features that Sierra is lacking. Things like a square grid and the X and O sitting in a box instead of on a line. Not to mention the ability to draw 45degree trendlines based on the square grid. 

There is a complete dearth of good Point and Figure software available without paying a fortune for the privilege. Maybe I should just get together with a programmer and design something. 



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