Thursday 13th December

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Not a lot happened yesterday to be honest. I posted the first chart on various forums yesterday evening detailing what I thought might happen. I was just about taken into the trade over night, but taken in nonetheless. As I type, i'm down about 30 pips or so. My entry was 1.3115 and my stop is at 3040. I'll hold the trade as it looks like some strength coming in on the hourly volume charts. The hourly bar that just closed makes it a bit more interesting though!

EUR/USD 1hr PnF Yesterday

EUR/USD 1hr PnF Update

Finspreads, my spread bet broker,  decided to completely change their logo, website and platform yesterday so i'm getting used to the new layout after using the other type for so many years now! Definitely a welcomed change though it has to be said. Still lacking an Android app though. So I may consider changing over to their parent company City Index to avail of the Android app that they have. I'll be damned if i've to buy an iPhone.



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