Tuesday 17th July

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I was working yesterday morning and I was quite busy with a lot of deliveries coming in. Due to this, I didn't get as much screen time as i'd like. Looking back at it now, i'm glad I wasn't in front of the screens for the day. It strikes me as one of those days were the charts are following the rules and reacting to the right areas but not giving the type of set up I look for, I can imagine it would have been quite frustrating had I been at the computer.

The chart has the volume zones from yesterday marked on it;

EUR/USD 15min

A - high volume during Asia
B - high volume during London
C - highest volume when Ben was chin wagging

Green circles mark some nice reactions to areas like zone lows, but not with the low volume entries I like to see.

I'm off this morning so i'll be able to get a good day in front of the charts and hopefully some good set ups.





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