Monday 9th July

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Very slow day for me yesterday so I don't have a great deal to talk about. That was a boring Monday if ever there was one. At least it gave me a couple of volume zones with which to work with for today.

On the chart you'll see A,B,C,D and E.

A - Highest volume 15min from Friday, area of interest if and when price reaches this area.
B - 2nd highest 15min from yesterday, there was a good move from this area but nowhere to actually get in.
C - Highest 15min from yesterday, again provided a nice enough move with no get in.
D - High volume this morning (Tuesday) into the area of B and C from yesterday. Great starting point for a long, but again didn't get an entry.
E - Highest Tuesday volume so far. Chart isn't completely up to date at time of posting and it's now looking like this was some absorption volume as it has continued to push up. 

EUR/USD 15min



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