Wednesday 9th May

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Based on some volume prints I'm think we'll get a long opportunity or at least a decent retrace. Some nice high volume on 1hr and 15min charts on the lows as well as the highest 4hr volume i've had since the middle of February. Watching for bounces from the high of the 1hr and 15min area around 1.2945 for a potential long position. It's also entirely possible we retrace to the 1.2930 area - close and 50% of the hourly and 50% of the 15min.

EUR 5min, 15min, 1hr and 4hr

Disclaimer - This isn't a trade call, just what i'm seeing at the moment. Anyone who is foolish enough to follow what i'm saying and open a position based on this deserves to lose money. You have been warned!



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