Set Trading Hours?

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Two more set ups today that I didn't take. I'm not sure why I didn't take them, time of day maybe. I've never had it written in stone as to what time I finish each day, but it has always been around 4pm (BST), both of the set ups occurred after this time. One on EUR/USD and one on Oil. So i've a question for all of you who read this blog, do you have a set time that you finish trading each day? Or do you decide based on the current action of the day?

Two charts below, EUR/USD 5min and Oil 5min. Both ND entries into the 50% of the highest 15min volume bar at the time.

EUR/USD 5min

Oil 5min

I've marked two ND on the Oil chart, it's written into my plan to only take short trades from the high when previous price action has penetrated the high and formed a top, therefore giving me an area to place my stop. In this instance i'm not sure I would have taken that entry, but the ND at the 50% is in a great area.

Since the positive trade last Monday there has been an opportunity every day. I've not taken the majority of them and this is has left me feeling a little frustrated, with myself more than anything. This in turn gives me a mixture of emotions. Is my trading turning a corner? Am I finally starting to see set ups on a regular basis? Are we just going through a "good" period in the market where set ups are occurring regularly? Why am I not taking these set ups? I know they are good, meeting my rules, so what's stopping me? Lack of concentration perhaps. 

A few things to consider anyway.



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