Thursday 17th May

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Quick update from yesterday, this was the only real chance that I saw throughout the day. Suffered from a bit of tunnel vision on this one.

On the 15min chart below i've marked the highest volume of the day, which the orange fib is placed on. You can also see the No Demand bar into the low of this that i've marked as well. I was looking to short in this very place but I was concentrating on the bar after the ND. For the majority of the 15min period this was an up bar, narrow spread with volume less than the previous two - a perfect ND in the right area. In the last few seconds of the bar it pushed down and closed on the low, it was no longer a ND so there was no trade for me. What I failed to notice was the bar before it - the one i've marked ND - was there staring me in the face as well. Duh.

Anyway, didn't get a position but this was good for nearly 40 pips to the low and more if you held over night.

Really great week with a set up every day of the type I like. Pity i've only taken one!

EUR/USD 15min



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