Saturday 26th May

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Another scorching day yesterday. I must admit, it's pretty hard to stay indoors when it's like that outside! Ireland is a great place to learn to trade as it's pissing rain for 11 months of the year!

It's also hard to stay indoors when you're having a frustrating day like I did yesterday. In the 15min chart below i've marked a green rectangle which shows the most interesting area. It has two overlapping 15min 50%, as well as a 50% from the hourly. Friday morning we upthrusted and rejected this area. From this point on I was looking for shorts but it didn't happen for me at all. The frustrating part for me was "knowing" it was going down but not being able to get an entry per my strategy. Perhaps I should say "the odds were heavily in my favour" instead of "knowing" what it was going to do.

EUR/USD 15min

So, a completely flat week for me, first time in ages that I haven't at least taken one trade during a week. It has been a great two weeks with regards to set ups so i'm very happy to see my strategy working on a regular basis. I'm looking to convert that happiness into confidence, seeing the set ups and blogging about them every day for the past two weeks has certainly improved my outlook and i'm feeling really good about my trading.

Something i'm aware of now is not getting stuck in short mode with the current trends. Being open to taking long positions when and if they present themselves. I've fallen into this trap in the past so i'm aware of it now and making sure i'm not staying biased to a particular direction.

Ok that's me done, enjoy the weekend everyone!




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