Tuesday 8th March

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A lot to talk about today so i'll get to it. Three trades in total. One missed, one lost and one that I just closed for a small profit. Time of writing is 23:20.

I'll start with the missed one, this was a nice little set up but I unfortunately just missed it because I was lazy/late getting up this morning. I should have been up and if so I wouldn't have taken the trade I lost on, but such is life, I won't dwell!

It was a sell on EUR/CHF, charts below;


EUR/CHF 20min

The second trade I want to talk about was a sell on Swissy. Whilst I thought the set up was good I should have realised as Eddie and Cable were pushing down, Swissy was very unlikely to follow suit as it tends to move in the opposite direction. A bit silly on my behalf. Here are the charts anyway;

Trade 19 - USD/CHF (Swissy) - Sell @ 0.9319 -  Closed @ 0.9360 = -41

Swissy 1hr

Swissy 20min

Finally we have the trade I just closed on Eddie. A high volume down bar with the next bar up. For this trade I actually took my confirmation from the 15min, bending the rules a little bit with regards to my strategy but the set up was still there none the less. At best this was up about 23pips of a 42pip target. I closed it for +6pips in the end. I'm pretty sure it'll rise over night but i'm not willing to risk it with the loss earlier. Three days left in the week so I can start fresh tomorrow.

Trade 20 - EUR/USD (Eddie) - Buy @ 1.3900 -  Closed @ 1.3906 = +6

Eddie 1hr

Eddie 15min

That last trade I took today brings my total amount of trades to 20 for the year so far. This is week 10 so i'm averaging 2 a week. 12 wins, 6 losses and 2 break even. 60% win ratio.

-2.58% today.

On to tomorrow!





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  1. Hey! I'm the new guy on Malcomb's VSA thread on FF...Nice blog btw. Funny thing is we're practically neighbours, I'm also West Cork over Clon direction...small world, us Irish are just everywhere, even in Ireland! (and even with all the emigration right now 2!). As far as VSA & trading in general for that matter I am way behind u guys so will have to keep my head down for a while on the forum, seen but not heard as it were, and contribute hopefully soon as I have a clue what I'm talking about! Catch ya later onsite... Ciaran (pcburn@iol.ie)

  2. Hey man, thanks for the comment, tried to send a message to the email you left but it bounced back. I'll post here instead;

    If you'd like to meet up any time to discuss TradeGuider / Trading / VSA i'd be more than happy to. Kinsale to Clon ain't far at all.

    If you're new to VSA and looking to get into it, there are a few musts;

    1. Master the Markets by Tom Williams
    2. Videos
    3. Malcolm's thread. Pure gold.
    4. Repeat!

    I'm still on a learning curve but am currently trading live using VSA.

    Keep in touch,


  3. Ooops! Can't even get my own email right..should'v been cpburn@iol.ie not pcburn..not a good sign! ... Forex guys gonna gobble me up! :-)

    Thanks for reply and kind offer, ploughing through MTM for 1st time at mo, thank god it all makes so much sense and it's a really interesting read too! Will catch u FF thread later sometime but at mo really need to do a bit more swotting b4 I'd feel comfortable contributing.
    Gd trades neighbour! :-)