Friday 18th March

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Another day studying trigger numbers and another positive call.

You can see in the chart that I have marked the widespread down as a trigger number even though it doesn't have the highest volume of the day. I felt this was still a significant bar as it made a new low and the volume spiked. This trigger line was then tested before cable moved up for the rest of the day. This screen shot was taken a while ago now and as I type the high of the day is 1.6255 a total of 171 pips from where my entry was at the high of the test.

Cable 5min

I'm very happy with how the studies have gone for this week. I think i'll continue paper trading this for a further week so I can hone a few things like stop placement and when to take profit etc.

That's all from me for the week,

Enjoy the weekend everyone,





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1 comment:

  1. Great week.

    Started to pull together nicely now.
    Hopefully the next week will follow suit.

    6 and a half more weeks :D