Monday 28th March

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Unfortunately started the week with a losing trade. I set an order for a buy on Cable which was triggered before it moved the other way. I saw what I thought was a test of a trigger number and set the order. It then triggered and moved below the trigger number. It then moved up to the trigger number on No Demand, this was a crucial area as I should have seen this and either closed out for a small loss or even better, reversed my position. I did the wrong thing completely and cling on to the worse thing I could have; hope. Lesson learned anyway and it's still very early in the day, let alone the week.

Over the weekend Finspreads also changed their pricing slightly. All their pairings are now to 5 decimal places instead of the 4 that it used to be. Minor detail really but I now have to take pipettes into account as well as pips. With todays trade I lost 31.4 pips whereas before it would have been rounded to 31

Trade 23 - GBP/USD (Cable) - Buy @ 1.59904-  Closed @ 1.59590 =-31.4

Cable 5min



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