Monday 28th March - Part 2

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After this mornings trade I got two great opportunities to make back what I had lost, unfortunately I didn't take them. A combination of freezing and not quite getting what I wanted with regards to volume. One thing I must realise is that it's not going to be the perfect set up all the time, every time. I have to allow for slight nuances whilst still sticking to my rules.

I eventually got my buy opportunity on Cable and there was also an opportunity about 5 minutes before that for a buy on Eddie. These two trades further illustrate the importance and reliability of trigger numbers (once you read them right!)

It's only Monday anyway, plenty days left in the week!


On the left of this chart you can see the area I spoke about this morning. The rest of the chart shows two entry points that I didn't take. My reasoning is as follows. The first test is on low volume and at trigger number 2. The reason I didn't take it was because of the low volume up bars on either side of the test. I didn't think the market was willing to go up at this time. The second test was a perfect bar formation with the low hitting the trigger from early this morning but the volume was too high so I didn't take it. Turns out it would have been a valid trade! 

Cable 5min

This trade is similar to the second Cable one as it tests the trigger number from earlier in the day. The main reason I didn't take this trade is because I was watching the Cable one unfold. This was a good set up though.

Eddie 5min



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