Tuesday 22nd March

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Quick post tonight cos i'm tired. I took a long position on Eddie today and traded a small amount on my account (50c per pip) as someone suggested trying yesterday. I didn't quite hit the profit target cos my spread betting firm missed it by a pip on the first leg up. It would've got there eventually but I closed the trade on the retrace down from where i've marked profit on the screen shot. The stop and target was for 20pips, entered on the high of the No Supply bar as per usual. Closed for +7pips.

Eddie 5min



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  1. Hey Liam,
    how are u doing?
    I'm doing a lot of analysis with vsa. love it!
    I saw that TradeGuider made a update to mt4. that's is nice.

  2. Good thanks, working on a slightly different approach with the 5min charts and trigger numbers from high volume bars. Seems to be working very well for me at the moment!

    Yeah i've seen your posts recently, you're not afraid to take a trade anyway!

    Hope all is going well :)

  3. and how is doing this trigger numbers?
    I noticed that you are holding more your positions, taking a little more pips in profit