Monday 21st March

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As I said at the end of last week, i'm spending this week concentrating on the use of trigger numbers on a 5 minute chart. Got the week off to a good start with a winning trade on Cable.

Two high volume down bars which I drew triggers from, they were almost immediately tested for a quick 19pip trade. The triggers were then tested again at two further points later in the day but I didn't enter at these positions.

I entered on the high of the first test highlighted but the other two were perfectly good entries as well.

Cable 5min

Great start to the week, someone suggested earlier that I should trade micro amounts so i'm going to try that out tomorrow instead of just doing it on paper. 

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  1. Hey Liam
    Still following your trigger points, er well trying..I don't have TG of course but there was a huge difference in vol bars from Netdania Chart to yours this time..those 2 high vol down bars at your trigger point showed up almost as nil vol on their extreme zero vol almost! Hopefully just a glitch as usually their charts seem ok, but I would never have seen those triggers if using the netdania chart... MT4 with Alpari did show a pretty decent similarity though with your chart in this instance however.
    Keep up the gd work. Ciaran