Charts - Monday 30th March

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Started this week off with a loss, which finally put paid to any chance of hitting my monthly target. Today's loss was -1.04% leaving me at +2.62% for the month. If I get in a win tomorrow, that'd be great. But I won't be chasing it.

On to today's chart.

On the left of the chart is the highest volume from Friday, marked as 1. Price dropped from the low of this zone this morning. I was looking for an entry here but unfortunately there wasn't a signal to get in. This drop gave me another volume zone at 2. Price failed to break the high of this zone so I took it as weak. Once a signal formed near the low (at the purple 0% from a previous zone) I decided to take it. It didn't go my way and has idled sideways since. Drifting down a small bit but not really showing any conviction.

Will have to see where this goes tomorrow.





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