Charts - Friday 27th March

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I wrote Thursdays update late Friday morning and never got around to writing the entry for Friday. So here we go.

I took two further trades on Friday, one loss and one win. The loss came first so the win only really served to cover that and make a small profit of 0.4% for the day. I finished the week -1.63% which ends a run of five straight winning weeks. I'm happy to have made back some of the losses from Tuesday and Wednesday but it could have and should have been a whole lot more. At the very least, breaking even for the week. I'm a bit disappointed with myself and have to refocus for next week. There are still two days left in the month in which it's still possible to hit my monthly target. I'm still up 3.7% overall which i'm happy with, considering the last two weeks.

Anyway, screens of the two trades on Friday.

I figured the volume on zone 1 hadn't proved any strength and decided to take a short at the break of the 50%. Unfortunately it didn't go well at all. It took me into the trade and reversed straight away.

After I was stopped and price had reversed through the down channel a buy signal printed which ticked all the boxes so I entered long. This trade went well and was at BE before the US news announcement at 12:30. I decided to let it run and it thankfully went my way and went up to the target.

I was berating myself for being greedy on Thursday and I had a bit of an internal fight as to whether I should let this one run or not. I eventually decided to close it at the usual profit target which proved to be a good idea as I would've been stopped at BE. Price did eventually push through the high of this new volume zone (right edge of the 15min, not marked) in the evening but there was no signal to get in unfortunately.

A week i'd rather forget about to be honest.

More focus next week.

Have a good weekend everyone,





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