Charts - Wednesday 25th February

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Whilst I said I wasn't rushing into anything, I still intend on taking the trades that tick all the boxes. Another short and win on EU today. Similar enough set up to yesterday.

I posted the following chart on Monday and I used one of these zones again for my entry.

Bar 2 is from the FOMC statement last Wednesday. My short came from the 50% (1.13750) of this bar today.

I've marked the FOMC 50% in orange as you can see on the above charts. The yellow box on the left chart is what drew my attention when I got up this morning. It's quite a wide spread for that time in the morning and whilst the volume isn't massive, there was definitely a marked increase. This was followed by an upthrust so at this stage I was looking for shorts. I had to wait for price to get below the MA on the 3min but eventually it did and printed a nice sell signal. The target just happened to be above yesterday's zone. Which has provided support.

Gained 1.52% on this, leaving me up 8.52% for the month. Delighted with how the last two weeks have gone. Now to keep the head down and keep building on it.





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