Charts - Thursday 5th February

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Took one trade on Thursday which ended up as BE + a minuscule amount.

Truth be told, I got a little lucky. I'd gone for lunch with family and thought i'd log in from my phone and have a quick look, see what I was missing. All the stars aligned for a trade set up so I decided to take it. Forgetting that it was about one minute before a news release. If i'd remembered the news, I never would have taken the trade. As it happens it moved in the right direction to begin with and triggered an automatic BE setting once it reached 1:1. Price quickly went the other way and it pushed up for the remainder of the day.

EURUSD 15min / 3min
1. Took the trade from this volume zone.
2. Better entry. (wasn't at the computer at the time)
3. Entry I took.

The two entries on the P&F excel chart. Nicely placed in the overall channel.
I didn't do anything on Friday whatsoever, looking back on the charts, it's just as well that I took the day. It was very quiet before the NFP announcement when it exploded to life as usual.

It was good to finish off the week with a profit albeit not quite hitting my target. Due to meeting family there were a few opportunities missed, but like I said in the last post. They stand to support my strategy. Next week should be a full week so looking forward to hitting some targets.





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