Charts - Friday 13th February

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Up until this trade I had solely traded EU for the year. Last year was pretty much just EU and UC. I've now stopped trading UC since the peg was removed.With the strategy being perfected i've been looking at GU as well. On Friday I decided to take a GU trade. It unfortunately ended up as a loss.

GBPUSD 15min / 3min P&F
Looking at the 15min chart at the end of the day, it's quite messy in there. Nonetheless, I took the circled short on the P&F chart. It retraced back into the zone before pushing down and at this point I thought it was coming good. It did quite make it to 1:1, which would've brought my trade to 1:1. With my trades from earlier in the week and closing them too soon. I decided to let it run. Unfortunately it stopped out.

I ended the week -1.23%. Two weeks left in February. Definitely plenty of time to end the month well.





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