Charts - 18th - 20th February

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As usual, i'm slow updating the blog. I had a really good week finishing with a gain of 4.24%. Considering I was down 1% as of Monday evening, i'm really really happy with this turn around. Happy to say that luck was certainly on my side.

The first chart is a trade I took on Wednesday for a total of 1.22%.

The main comment I have about this trade and for all future trades is that I must close them at the original intended target. Twice this week I decided to close half the trade and let the other half run only to end up with a bit less than if i'd just closed them out at the initial target. Obviously, I had a great week but it could have been more. I'm by no means complaining but it's something to add to my strategy. Little and often as I said in a previous post!

I didn't take any trades on Thursday as I wasn't around. There was an opportunity for a short but i'll just post the trades I took.


Friday was where my luck came in to play. I placed a trade and walked away from the computer.

A. I placed 3 positions instead of 2. I usually risk 0.5% on each one. In this instance I was risking 1.5% instead of the usual.

B. The signal didn't actually fill properly. That's my mistake for walking away and not watching it trigger.

When I came back to the computer I saw that it had pushed down and that I had three positions. I decided to just close it and walk away as it was flicking around quite a lot. It was nothing that was listed on Forex Factory but I presume it was news or Greek driven. Either way, I made 1.01% and called it quits for the week! Fortuitous but i'll take it!

That's me for the week. Two good trades next week and i'll hit my monthly target. Something that i'd be incredibly happy with.





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