Charts - Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th

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Let's get straight to it. I've taken three trades since the last blog update. One on Tuesday and two today (Wednesday)

The trade on Tuesday ended with a small bit of profit but once again, should've been a whole lot more. My trade management wasn't very good once again.

EURUSD 15min & 3min P&F
1. High volume zone from Monday.

2. High volume on Tuesday morning.

I took the circled triple bottom signal on the P&F chart as my entry. When price got to the high of Bar 1 it was hanging around a bit so I decided to close the trade as I wasn't sure whether it was going to break through. The entry was in keeping with all my rules but I wasn't too sure about trading into that zone. Unfortunately it pushed on down and would've been a nice profit. Ah well!

Like I said, I took two trades today, one was a loss and the other closed at BE+1.5

EURUSD 15min & 3min P&F
1. Upthrust type bar into the high of yesterday's ultra high volume zone. (This can be seen on the Tuesday chart, not marked but pretty obvious)

The first green circle was my first entry and loss. At this stage, the MA was probably a bit flat and the signal was only just below it. This probably worked against me. As you can see, it continued down later on in the day.

The red circle was the best entry for the day, one I unfortunately missed.

The second green circle was another entry as it broke the low of 1. It had the legs to pull the trade to BE but that was it. It didn't make the target and reversed pretty quickly to hit BE. A little frustrating!



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