Wednesday 29th February

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What a day! It's amazing what some chin wagging from Ben can do, not to mention the ECB announcement earlier in the day. I didn't get any positions mind you, but it was very interesting to watch the bars unfold during and after the announcements. I have two charts with potential entries but I wasn't sure enough at the time to attempt them. 2 entries on EUR/USD and 1 on Oil. The charts aren't up to date as I type but you get the general gist of it!

EUR/USD 5min

Oil 5min

I was also drawn to XAU/USD at the start of the day as the marked bar caught my attention. It's kinda hard to see now as the scale has been somewhat skewed by the massive down move we had but it's an up bar on increased volume (highest in a while) and subsequent down bars showing selling. I was looking for a potential short from the pink 50% or the 0% but nothing really materialised. Came back later in the day to see the Ben reaction. Mental move, hopefully some of you were short!

XAU/USD 5min



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