Tuesday 21st February

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Had a losing trade on EU today. Lost 3% of my account. First things first, I stuck to my strategy. Entered in what I thought was a good area and managed it per my strategy. It just didn't happen for me. Unfortunately it just turned out to be a crap entry!

On the chart i've marked A, B and C. A and B are two earlier entries during the day that would've been very nice. I was asleep for A and for B I just wasn't paying attention.

By the time C came around I think I was conscious of the fact i'd missed the earlier moves and I think I was chasing a trade. I entered on what I thought was a ND bar. There was temporary weakness and I was taken into the trade before it turned against me. It wasn't a very good entry with clear support below us.


It's these little mistakes that are proving costly at the moment, identifying the good set ups for the most part either too late or bottling actually taking them. 

Chin is still up and looking forward to the remainder of the week. Plenty of time to make it back.



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