Friday 24th February

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Took one trade today, a short on Oil for a gain of 1.5% on my account. Finished the week on a positive note but still finished the week down as a whole. I've been watching and studying charts for Oil for quite a while and this makes it my first proper trade, i'm happy with how it went! A counter trend trade but it met all the criteria so I went for it. Hit 1:1 on the first half of the trade and the second half hit BE+1. I shorted a No Demand bar into two fibs, the low of the highest volume 15min bar today, as well as a 50% from an earlier fib. 

USOil 5min

There was a lovely 15min entry to the long side after this but I was getting ready for work and didn't even see it.

USOil 15min

Despite finishing with a loss for the week (-1.48%) I'm pretty content with how the week went. 4 trades total which to me perhaps shows a gain in confidence. Plenty of other opportunities that were missed as well.

Looking forward to next week as always!

Have a good weekend everyone,





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