Thursday 23rd February

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Quick post because I'm quite tired. Had a short position on EU today based on the 15min chart, the first line from A shows where I shorted, just below the No Demand upthrust. The second line form A shows a little No Supply type bar with a big reaction from it. I considered this a countermanding signal and closed the trade at BE. It dwindled sideways for a while before falling again, getting within 2 pips of where my target was. Can't help but feel I missed out on some money with this.

B shows a test onto the highest volume area of the day and this also proved a good entry.

EUR/USD 15min

Below is the 5min chart for EU with two bars marked A and B that I think would've been good entries as well. Bar A is in the middle of the fib instead of having the low on it but I still think it's valid. Bar B is a hidden test on a nice low volume, also a good entry.  

EUR/USD 5min

Again, I wasn't concentrating after closing out the other trade and seeing it then go into what would've been a decent profit.

A lot more work to be done, but getting there!



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