Wednesday 22nd February

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EU was a write off today, struggled to find any sort of direction, getting itself trapped between two fib control zones that I had on my chart. Waste of time, simple as! So I turned my attentions to Oil and GU for some part of the day. 

Despite GU being relegated from my 1st screen I had a look at it today thanks to a friend looking at the same time. We both took the same trade which I ended up closing for a small profit as it just went sideways. Our entry was on the 15min but I also thought I was seeing some countermanding signals on the 5min. A combination of the buying I thought I saw for my entry and the selling that made me think twice knocked it sideways. I'd still be in the trade now if I had let it run, as I type, 6 pips in the hole. I'm not willing to let it run for, what at this stage would be an all nighter.

Two charts below, 15min showing my entry and a 5min chart showing an earlier entry from the GU news bar this morning.

GBP/USD 15min

GBP/USD 5min



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