Tuesday 28th February

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(written Wednesday morning)

Yesterday was an awful day to put it bluntly. I had a loss on EUR/USD, losing 1.78% of my account. I sold at 3433 with a target of 3415 for the first half I got taken sideways before a push up that would've stopped me out. One positive is that I closed it at a countermanding signal and saved myself a full stop. 

EUR/USD 5min

The reason I call it an "awful" day is the way I reacted to it emotionally, I was doing ok whilst in the trade, managing my emotions reasonably well. It was the aftermath that got to me. I fell into an "i've had enough of this" mood and started blaming everything I could. Mainly myself. It took a chat with a good friend to finally set me straight.

Looking forward to the rest of the week and to getting back to it today.



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