Thursday 21st July

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No trades again but missed a great opportunity cos I went for a shower. It was the early 100+ pip move on EU before the spike up on "Greece is saved" news. This screenshot shows the entry but not the full extent of the move. A spike in volume during the Asian session again served as my trigger. Price moved into this on ND and fell from here. I've actually marked the volume bars wrong for the ND, shift the marked lines one bar to the left. Still No Demand all the same.

EU 5min



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  1. I would not have shorted that ND simply because there was a SO 3 bars before it and a few strong bars before that. a better entry would have been on the hidden test 2 bars later, however the best entry that I see on the chart would have been the forth bar from the right after it cleared the low of that SO. P.S. Im starting an online trading journal, ill give you the link when i set it up your criticism is always welcome =p

  2. I meant to say hidden UT not hidden test

  3. I just figured the SO had a weak reaction so wasn't going far. I didn't take the trade but thanks for your insights.

    I look forward to seeing your trading journal, definitely let me know when you have it up and running!



  4. Thursday was certainly an interesting day. There was a good amount of divergence on the US open between price and cumulative delta volume.

    Interestingly enough, there is also a great deal of divergence this evening as the Euro moves higher, but cumulative delta is markedly lower.

    Here is a chart:


  5. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for stopping by and posting the chart!