Monday 25th July

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Finally got my feet wet again and took a trade today! The downside is that I only achieved break even on it. I was +35pips at best, which would have been around 2% on my account but I decided to let it run to try and reach my target of 1.4416 / 45pips. To be perfectly honest i'm not overly sure why it retraced where it did.

Entered on the high of the marked test/no supply. I initially put my stop under the trigger bar but moved it and adjusted my position before it triggered. If i'd left it there my 1:1 target would have been hit on the high. Nice set up and move up. Just my own stop management / decision making that wasn't great. Good to get another trade under my belt though.

Trade 59 - EUR/USD - Buy @ 1.4371 Closed @ 1.4371 = 0

EU 5min



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