Friday 1st July

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Unfortunately another bad end to a crap week to a terrible month. But more on that in a blog I'll post after this.

Thought i'd identified a nice test on a trigger from this morning. Price has just pushed up and i thought this was an effort to rise followed by a test for further upside. Turns out I was wrong. As annotated on the chart. Perhaps the test didn't have low enough volume.

Trade 58 - EUR/USD - Buy @ 1.4501 Closed @ 1.4481 = -20 

 EU 5min

Lost 2.39% on this trade and 4.85% lost for the week. I'm still just about in profit for the year but i'm pretty much back to square one on the account.

This post was just to cover today's trade. In my next blog I wish to talk about a whole host of things, detailing the half way point of the year. It's probably going to be quite a long one!





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  1. Hey Liam,

    Sorry it's been a rough month. Looking forward to your next post though.

    BTW, it looks like your new image hosting site is down right now because I don't see any chart images starting with 19th June.

    Good luck!


  2. Hey AT,

    Was just looking at your blog earlier today, funny that you should post!

    Hmm, thanks for letting me know about the image site. I can see them from this end. Hopefully just a temporary thing.

    Many thanks for commenting! Keep in touch.


  3. Yeah, sorry I was a little premature. I checked it a few times and they kept not showing up. I see them now though.