Tuesday 24th May

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Took one trade today, a buy on Eddie for 10pips. The initial target was 30pips but i saw weakness coming in so decided to get out. 

I've marked two test bars in the image. Test 2 would have been the better test to take as this comes down and touches the trigger line perfectly. I entered once the high of Test 1 was broken. Upon seeing Test 2 forming it might have been an idea to move my order to the high of this bar as it actually touches the trigger where as the first doesn't. As seems to be the trend at the moment, it would have hit my profit target later in the day. I didn't like the price action though. 1% added to the account is better than nothing!
Trade 44 - EUR/USD - Buy @ 1.4098  Closed @ 1.4108 = +10

Eddie 5min



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