Thursday 19th May

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Had another winning trade today. Just about breaking even for the week as a whole. Took a buy on Cable looking for 24pips. The trade took a bit of time to materialise so I closed it just before I had to head out. Would have hit the 3% target but was happy enough to close out with some profit.

Trade 42 - GBP/USD - Buy @ 1.6180  Closed @ 1.61955 = +15.5

Cable 15min

I took the trade from a 15min chart based on a trigger from two different news announcements today. You'll notice the trigger from the first bar pretty much intersects the close of the second trigger bar so I just left it as it was. PA then came back to the trigger on a No supply. I entered on the high of this bar. 

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  1. Good trade, I like it was after a breakout, and a broken downtrendline.

    Also why dont you use the trend follower strategy from Tom Williams, I think its very good, for managing your positions, It made them run longer and close quickly if something is wrong.